MySpace Tries To Pollute Facebook's Stream

MySpace is launching Facebook sync today, allowing MySpace users to sync their status updates with their Facebook profile or Page. The social network launched a similar functionality for Twitter last year.

Once you’ve synced your Facebook account, you can update status on MySpace and it will automatically be shared with friends on Facebook. MySpace is touting this feature as a big win for the growing number of musicians who populate the social network to be able to easily share music and content with fans on both sites.

Of course, it’s not really a two-way sync because you cannot push an update from Facebook to MySpace with the feature (note the one way arrow in MySpace’s image below). Once the feature is fully implemented (meaning, it becomes a two-way sync), status updates should flood the other way, considering Facebook’s massive user base. We saw Yahoo make a similar move, launching a deep integration with Facebook Connect. And AOL also launched a two-way sync with Twitter and Facebook for AIM.

It should be interesting to see what MySpace has in store for us with its new version set to launch this Fall.

Photo Credit/Flickr/suncana