Name Wars: George Lucas Forces Jedi Mind To Rename Itself

Lucasfilm, “Star Wars” creator George Lucas’ film production company, recently filed a $5 million trademark-infringement lawsuit against Jedi Mind, a company that markets itself as allowing people to control computers with their brain waves (yes, really).

The feud between the two companies began in May 2009, when Lucasfilm sent Jedi Mind a cease-and-desist letter requesting that the startup change its name and stop referencing the “Jedi Mind trick” when describing its products such as Master Mind and Jedi Mouse.

Initially, the company agreed to abandon its name and all references to the Jedi Mind trick, but that never happened according to various media reports.

LucasFilm sent a second cease-and-desist letter in September 2009 and says it attempted to settle the situation without a lawsuit to no avail. Earlier this month, Lucasfilm moved to sue Jedi Mind, which has apparently done the trick (pun intended).

In a short statement, Jedi Mind this morning announced that it has changed its company name to “Mind Technologies, Inc.” in order to avoid potential infringement of trademarks owned by Lucasfilm.

Mind Technologies says it has ceased the use of the “Jedi” name, although it still pops up on the new website here and there.

The company supplies wireless headsets to the users, who can manipulate computer applications with their minds. The brain waves send signals, which are then interpreted by its technology to control applications and even allows users to play computer games.

No word on whether the company will eventually strike back.