Get Instant Feedback On Outfits With Fashism For The iPhone

Fashism, a fashion site where you can get instant feedback on your outfits has taken the next logical step to the iPhone and just hit the app store. The Fashism iPhone app extends the concept behind the site, which involves getting collective advice on your fashion decisions in realtime. Says founder Brooke Moreland on the motivation behind the site, “I was shopping with my husband and wanted some feedback before I made the decision, I’m kind of indecisive about clothes and I know other people are too.”

Sort of like a Daily Booth for fashion, Fashism launched in September 2009 (during NY Fashion Week) and is competing in the same space with the considerably less glossy Gotryiton. And Fashism has built a solid community around outfits, with over 80k unique visits a month and over 15k users with accounts. According to CEO Moreland what’s been really popular lately are posts along the lines of “Is this appropriate for?” “Should I buy this dress?” “They’re not always nice, but they’re constructive,” she says referring to the commenters.

This is true. The app is still working out its UI kinks (there’s no autorefresh and no way to tweet or delete photos from your phone) but the photo upload and voting features are intuitive and the Fashism community critique is valuable and honest. I tried it out (images below) and received the following criticism.

“The top is a little skimpy for work. Can’t say for your specific job site. You look nice, but you might want a jacket for when you’re actually in the office.”

Consensus: Wear a jacket.

Moreland is currently looking for funding for Fashism. And her future plans include an apps for Blackberry and Android, partnerships with retailers that she’s not ready to announce yet, as well as brand expansion to events in stores. She also hopes to incorporate deeper Twitter integration and Facebook integration as well as geolocation-enabled store check-in features very soon.

You can download the app here.