Square: The Perfect Solution For Tricky Drug And Prostitution Transactions?

One of the big problems with drug and prostitution transactions is that they tend to involve a lot of cash, and cash is hard to launder. Taking credit card payments has never been easier via Square, which lets anyone swipe credit cards with their iPhone.

Sure, it leaves one heck of a paper trail, but you have to wonder if at least a few of those person to person transactions aren’t being done via that sexy startup. I certainly have.

Founder Jack Dorsey has told me that exactly zero drug or prostitution transactions have been completed through Square. I believe he believes that, but I wonder how he really knows for sure.

Anyway, I came across this very funny spoof video by Chris OConnell that just dives right in to exactly what I’ve been saying. Says Chris: “So I got my blow, and I got my 19 year old hooker. Life couldn’t be much better thanks to Square.”

Trust me, you’ll want to watch this: