Kenya: A Land of Endless Mobile Possibility (TCTV)

Some may get crushes on Hollywood stars. Some get crushes on blue, fictional Aliens. Sarah gets crushes on countries. And right now she is obsessed with Kenya. The closest she’s been is Rwanda, but at Cape Town’s Net Prophet conference last spring, several speakers made a compelling case for why Kenya– not South Africa–was the up-and-coming African tech hot spot to watch.

One of those making the argument was Stefan Magdalinski, well known in the UK as founder of and former CTO of Moo, but who last year who relocated to Africa to run Nairobi-based Mocality.

We decided—in part to shut Sarah up about Kenya—to invite Magdalinski to come on “Why Is This News?” and talk about why he left the cozy confines of London and whether the Kenya-hype is justified. [SPOILER ALERT: Sarah is planning a trip to Kenya.]

(Update: Stefan has blogged about the interview here, including links to some of the stories he mentioned, plus a few companies that are ‘leading the way’ in Africa.)