Google Buys Angstro As It Furthers Social Strategy

Google has just bought TechCrunch50 startup Angstro according to a post on the company’s site. The company’s founder, entrepreneur Rohit Khare, has joined Google to work on the company’s social networking product Google Me, according to an L.A. Times report.

Angstro launched in 2008 as a newspaper for people in your professional network. The site skimmed through content across blogs, news sites, and a number of other sources to look for material that is related to the people you know and work with.

Last year, Angstro launched, a real-time search engine capability and API that looks up most recent social information about any of your friends, from their LinkedIn profile to their Flickr account to their Facebook profile. It’s unclear if was part of the acquisition.

Google has been ramping up its team for its Facebook competitor GoogleMe, most recently ‘acq-hiring’ Slide and the company’s founder Max Levchin. Google’s decision to hire Khare isn’t surprising. With Angtsro and, Khare has developed an expertise in developing products that tap into your social graph.