Xing founder Lars Hinrichs invests in e-health startup Samedi

Although Xing founder Lars Hinrichs recently launched his much talked about seed fund HackFwd, he’s just announced a non-institutional investment by himself and fellow German entrepreneur and angel investor Christoph Janz.

Both have invested an undisclosed amount in Samedi, a German SaaS startup that’s been around for two years and is offering a web-based solution for practicing physicians.

The company offers a multi-lateral and web-based EMR (Electronic Medical Record) System for hospitals and individual physicians, without the need for any hardware. Many have tried to tap into this space and have failed since doctors are one the more reluctant Internet users. It’s still pen and paper because it’s been that way for thousands of years and medicine per se is a rather traditional field of work. Yet Samedi, among others, has to establish its proprietary software among as many physicians as possible to adopt a larger market share.

Apart from their EMR, the application also entails a patient management tool, resource planning, and many other functions that are obviously available within existing platforms, but rarely has this been accomplished entirely in a single web application. That’s because most doctors are still afraid of privacy and data security issues.

According to a blog post (in German) from Gruenderszene, Hinrichs takes a 4% stake in the company, whereas Janz gets 2%. Until now the Startup has been financed by other angels such as Dario Suter and Dennis Bennmann (Co-founder of StudiVZ).