Tivo Wants To Expand Internationally (Perhaps To Help Make Up For Recent Losses)

Europeans, take note: Tivo could soon be coming to your neighborhood in a big, big way. The company’s president and CEO, Tom Rogers, said that it’s looking to gain more of a foothold in the larger European markets, including the UK and Spain, in order to broaden its horizons a little bit. Dulling some of the pain from that recent $15.3m loss wouldn’t hurt, either.

Rogers says that while a number of U.S. TV providers (your Comcasts, your Time Warners, etc.) can provide their own basic DVR solutions, not every European provider has that kind of capability.

Unlike some of the large operators in the US, international players must rely on outside partners to provide their set-top-box software. There are very few players who can credibly provide solutions that handle an incredibly dynamic and strategically important set of consumer-facing features in combination with an increasingly complex set-top box and network infrastructure.

That’s where Tivo, which, according to Matt, makes a heck of a remote control, steps in. Imagine this scenario: “Hey there, European TV provider. Need a proper DVR solution for your customers? Let’s do lunch and discuss this.”

Tivo’s also looking to get into India and China. Then again, what company isn’t trying to expand into India and China?

That’s pretty much it: Tivo’s looking to expand, much like any business would.