Sony Announces Three 3D TVs With Built-In Blu-Ray Recorder And HDD

Mitsubishi showed them yesterday, and Sony followed [JP] today: All-in-one LCD TVs that feature 3D capability and come with built-in Blu-ray recorders and HDDs. The so-called BRAVIA 2 KDL series consists of three different 3D TVs (two of which come with “2D” Blu-ray recorders only).

All TVs feature full HD resolution, a Blu-ray recorder that plays 3D Blu-rays, a 500GB HDD, double TV tuners, LED backlight, 10W×2ch speakers, three HDMI interfaces, and a USB port. 3D glasses have to be bought separately.

In Japan, the TVs will be available in three sizes starting December 5: 40 ($3,500), 46 ($4,260/pictured below), and 55 inches ($5,200/pictured on top). These are exactly the sizes of the Mitsubishi models we’ve shown you yesterday.

Sony also introduced a 26- ($1,720) and a 32-inch ($1,780) TV, but both come with “inferior” specs: a 500 GB HDD, CCFL backlight, 1,366×768 resolution, and no 3D capability. They will be released in Japan on November 30.