LG Prepping 9.7" Color E-Ink Displays And 19" Grayscale Ones For Market

E-ink, you are everywhere already. But LG wants you even more everywhere. So they’re putting more effort into the production of bigger, better E-paper displays. They’re showing off a couple new models, though nothing radical. Still, a 9.7″ color E-ink display and a gigantic, flexible tabloid-sized one? Sign me up.

One of the big weaknesses I think e-readers have right now is their rigid form factor. The Kindle 3 looks like a great device to me, but how awesome would it be if you could roll it up or fold it in half? We’re getting there, but I think these new “flexible” displays are really more flexible like cardboard than like paper.

All the hubbub about e-paper versus LCD at the moment is overdone, I think, because traditional LCDs like those in the iPad are mature technologies and unlikely to change much except in resolution. Until we get flexible OLED displays, that is, and they’re even further off than foldable e-paper, if you ask me. So let’s just sit back and watch as e-paper gets better and better, and make choices based on the merits of the devices the displays end up in.

[via Engadget]