Leaked iPod Cases Show New iPod Nano Design

We’ve already seen a few pieces of the new iPod touch, which, though it may not be a carbon copy of the iPhone 4 minus the phone, it’ll probably follow the example of previous devices in providing similar functionality. The new Nano, though — we’ve had some speculation based on the tiny touchscreen leaked a while back, but I was skeptical of the usability of such a wee thing. But these leaked cases seem to indicate that yes, the new Nano is a tiny, touchable square.

The tiny cases suggest a square-faced device with space on the back for a clip. It looks to be the right size for a 3cm square touchscreen, and while my doubts remain about the usefulness of such a thing, it still is a fun idea and I’m excited to see what Apple has done to make it usable.

Guess we’ll find out on the first!

[via Electronista]