Glasses-Free 3D “Supernova X1″ Tablet Shown Off In China

The autostereoscopic technology behind the 3DS and Toshiba’s HDTVs (to say nothing of glasses-free 3D products for years) is far from secret, so it makes sense that once 3D started blowing up, we’d see it everywhere. This 3D tablet runs Android (if I’m reading correctly) and will make its official debut at IFA. It likely uses a similar lenticular array as the 3DS, as you can adjust the 3D effect or turn it off entirely.

I’d be more excited about the 3D capabilities if there were a way to interact with the 3D images — say, pull a menu item “out” of the screen to interact with it or something. But no, you’ll be reaching right through Buzz Lightyear’s knees to hit that pause button. Guess I should keep my expectations in check.

You know, they call it the Supernova, but the label just says Nova. What’s up with that?