Hey Facebook, Here Are Some Other Companies You Can Bully Or Sue

I’ve been reading up on Facebook‘s most recently filed lawsuit, and the more I learn, the more the whole ordeal aggravates me.

As you may have heard, the social networking juggernaut has decided to sue a fledgling startup called Teachbook, which is preparing to launch an online community for teachers, over the word ‘book’ in their name.

Greg Shrader, managing partner of Teachbook, told Wired that it doesn’t plan to be bullied into changing its name without a fight. In his words: ”They’re throwing bombs at a mosquito. They believe we’re going to roll over and in some respect they get to own the term ‘book.’”

Earlier this month, we reported that Facebook insisted that another yet-to-launch startup called PlaceBook change its name – the latter decided not to put up a fight, poked some fun at Facebook and was renamed TripTrace.

But rather than rail against Facebook for their arrogant stance, I’m going to help its legal department track down some other offenders instead. Below is a non-exhaustive shortlist of companies they can sue or bully next – provided they haven’t already done so.

All those insolent travel website owners think they can get away with using the word ‘book’ in their names because people can ‘book’ holidays, hotels and whatnot on their websites. Shouldn’t be allowed, ‘making a reservation’ is just as effective a term.

Hotelbook, Travelbook, Cruisebook and others – consider yourself warned.

Scrapbook? No-brainer. The social aspect of your site is dubbed My Place, which sorta sounds like MySpace, so consider yourself warned twice.

TasteBook? One can sign up to your website for free, which is exactly what Facebook does. You’re on the list.

RaceBook? Care to make things a little more interesting? Bet you’ll meet each other in court.

DoctorsBook? A social network for doctors, like you really came up with that on your own. Facebook has an effective remedy for your company name, no prescription required.

Casebook? Better yet, a social network for lawyers. Sure hope your users are among the cream of the crop in their profession.

Cookbook(s)? You look like a tasty target.

eBook? Taking 3 letters off of Facebook’s name is kinda obvious, you dirty parasites.

Runbook? That trademark icon behind your company name ain’t gonna help you, buddies.

BlackBook? Your About Us page says ‘community’ somewhere. On the list you go.

FacesBook? Actually, you might really be next.

Fuckbook? No comment necessary.

How about you? Is Facebook’s attitude and behavior ok in your sets or collections of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of paper, parchment, or other various material, usually fastened together to hinge at one side?

(Image via Flickr / Robert Tadlock with permission)