BlackBerry Curve 9330 probably coming to Sprint

I love leaks. I love the idea that some mole inside an organisation smuggled out some classified document, or stole a few secret moments with an upcoming product and a low-quality camera. I envision dramatic escapes, top-level inquiries, blackmail, villains, and robo-ninjas. Sometimes, though, there are product leaks that don’t require a mole.

I’m fairly sure there were no Bond-style getaways, no cyanide capsules, and — sadly — no exotic female double agents involved when Sprint posted a knowledge base article (now removed) confirming the future existence of the BlackBerry Curve 8530 successor — the Curve 9330 — on their network. I’m pretty sure someone in the web team just accidentally posted something a little too early.

Oh well. At least we have the information, even if it would make a pretty terrible movie.

Thanks to Engadget for the info, and I should also mention that they believe the device is destined for Verizon, too.