Simple pay per view streaming video service launches

The name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but StreamingVideoProvider, a UK-based platform for on-demand and live streaming video services, is launching a Pay-Per-View Playlist. This is a service where you can upload video and then charge as little as 20 pence per play. The service costs producers for £9 / €10 / $14 per month.

As we know, the bulk of video growth is largely in the free market (YouTube etc) but it’s interesting to find a company heading in the other direction.

There are four different ticket options including single view, playlist, global and free. Producers can decide on price and set rules on how the video is used.

I can’t see this appealing to kids uploading skateboard tricks, but for small businesses it might well hit the mark. Pay per view videos can also be embedded and PayPal and currency setup is included. Check out the demo.

Founded in 2006, StreamingVideoProvider says it is is currently hosting over 100,000 videos and streaming over 30,000,000 minutes of video footage per year.

However, admittedly it does compete with the much larger Vzaar which has been around a lot longer and has plenty of traction already.