Sharp Will Have An E-Reader Of Its Own Later This Year (And Maybe A 3D One In The Future)

Today we find discover, first-hand, the horrors of machine translation. The deal is that Sharp plans to take on Apple (and thus, the world) by releasing an e-reader of some sort. Sharp also plans on releasing 3D smartphones (think Nintendo 3DS, technology-wise). But I dare you to figure that our from Google’s translation of the original story.

Beyond that there’s not much to this.

Sharp will release the e-reader here in the U.S. before the end of the year (it’ll be released in Japan in the fall).

Sharp also threw out the possibility of a 3D e-reader at some point, which just seems ridiculous to me.

But again, have fun digging through that translation. It took us a good while to figure out what was going on!