HighStranger Is Chatroulette, For Stoners

So I’ve been waiting for the new Chatroulette to go up for three days now and no dice. In the meantime I’ve been getting a slew of emails and tweets from people trying to get me to switch over to their to their random “chat with strangers” services (Hi Omegle!). However none have been particularly compelling, UNTIL NOW.

We’ve been running in stealth for the past few months, as we’ve negotiated deals and developed software (that’s done), but it seems you’ve broken the seal on the jar of kind bud, so we’re announcing on TechCrunch:

“Chatroulette for High People!”


PS: We’re in LA and we’re looking for our head of marketing, PR, and social media. Maybe a hot designer, too :)

The above comment is from (where else?) last night’s “Dude I Am So High Right Now” post, the venue where Dude, who I am assuming is the HighStranger founder, has chosen to announce his “Chatroulette For High People!.”

But wait, isn’t Chatroulette a “Chatroulette for high people”? I’ve emailed Dude for further information, and have not yet received a response, which is not surprising.

A quick trip to the homepage reveals that HighStranger is currently in beta (if not a complete practical joke) and will be launching officially on November 2nd. And they’re hiring!

While Chatroulette spinoffs are a dime a dozen, this one seems noteworthy if only for the inevitable cheesy pot jokes that will ensue in the comments.

Like, “This might be the first employer to require that you fail a drug test,” or whatever. I’m sure you guys can come up with something better. They basically write themselves.