Okay, Now Facebook Has Officially Made It. They Have A Turkish Music Video

Facebook is big — massive, really. But I don’t care if a social network has 100 million users, 500 million users, or a billion users — and I don’t care if there’s a major Hollywood movie coming out about it. You haven’t made it until you have a Turkish pop music video about your service. That’s exactly what “Cilgin” by Ismail YK is.

I have basically no idea what is going on in this video, but it’s awesome nonetheless. It appears to take place in two IKEA showrooms that have been completely whitewashed. In these rooms, a man and woman seem to stalk one another on Facebook, and then start chatting. Are they using WebTV? I’m not sure, but I’m not ruling it out.

Actually, those are Mac keyboards — maybe it’s the first sighting of the new iTV product?!

Then the main characters put on colorful shirts and go dance in another completely white room. And then they invite some friends to dance too — and use their computers. Then the action moves outside in what I can only describe as a version of TLC’s “Waterfalls” with men in ski masks. Yep.

Not speaking Turkish, the only word I can understand is “Facebook” — though I think I caught an “Internet” in there. Someone please clue us in.

The video is actually a bit old — from January, but BuzzFeed just picked it up a couple days ago and it’s now traveling around the Internet as it should have the first time. Enjoy it below.

Update: Commenter Mesut below has provided us with some lyrics:

I went to internet cafe
Logged in to my Facebook page
I called my self “Crazy” (Cilgin)
I’m a member as of now
I met with a sweetheart
We’ve been writing each other everyday
It’s like a medicine to my heart
I become a loving person

She deserves to be be loved
And has beautiful eyes
It’s hard to find someone like her
Everyone is asking how I found

Facebook Facebook I’ve been seeking everyday
Facebook Facebook where I found her
Facebook Facebook It’s a love at first sight
Facebook Facebook I think I’m falling for her

[thanks Sarah]