Apple Special Event Taking Place September 1

We’ve just received an invite to an Apple event taking place on Wednesday, September 1. Yes, next week. The event will be at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco at 10 AM PT.

While Apple will only say that this is a “special event,” the image above makes it clear that just as with their events every September, this one will be mainly about music — or at least the iTunes ecosystem. At this event, Apple is widely expected to unveil (or at least talk about) their new iTV device — the next-generation Apple TV. And they may have a thing or two to say about an iTunes television show rental service.

And of course, you should also expect new iPod touches at this event. Maybe some with the shiny “retina” displays and front and back cameras — perfect for FaceTime.

As always, let the Beatles/iTunes speculation begin now as well — though you probably shouldn’t count on it. I also wouldn’t hold your breath for the CDMA (maybe Verizon, maybe T-Mobile) iPhone at this event. You’ll have to be more patient for that.

The big wildcard may be: will we hear anything about iTunes in the cloud?

Obviously, we’ll be at the event on Wednesday to cover it live.