Leftronic Dashboards Optimize Your Data Displays

YCombinator-funded company Leftronic launches today, offering up software that makes it easy for companies to aggregate data in their ambient displays, i.e. a displays mounted on a wall. Founded by Lionel Jingles, Rajiv Ghanta and Jyotindra Vasudeo, the company is in the same space as Geckoboard.

While many companies will squander programming time and money building their own mediocre display software, Leftronic provides ready-made ways of visualizing various types of data aesthetically.

In terms of future plans, Leftronic wants to be the leader in ambient displays, which have become more prevalent due to cheap monitors and more data streams and are valuable because they reduce complexity and aid people in understanding sometimes confusing data.

The company’s competitive edge is, according to co-founder Jingles, the fact that “very few people are trying to incorporate multiple data sources, like those of Zen Desk, Salesforce, and Pingdom into their displays.”

Having already made dashboards for companies like YCombinator, WePay, Cloudkick and others, Leftronic is profitable, “People pay hundreds per screen for our visualizations.”

And Jingles hopes that the operation will one day expand beyond web companies to finance, operations and marketing, “One day everybody in a company will have their own display, like having an iPad on your desk showing stats in realtime.

The company is currently in private beta, and you can snag an invite here.