Chatroulette Couldn't Get It Up

At one point the Chatroulette V.2 anticipation was so thick over at TechCrunch HQ that even we were, how you say, premature. But not as premature as the folks over at Chatroulette themselves, who ominously lured us in yesterday in with, “The experiment #1 is over for now. Thanks for participating – Redesigned and updated version of the website will be launched tomorrow” and then well, nothing.

The silliest part is that I’ve got some kind of update alarm on Chatroulette, so imagine my excitement when I heard the alarm go off at about 11p.m. “YOUR WEBSITE HAS UPDATED.”

Guess what the update was? Someone changed the word “tomorrow” to “shortly” on the site’s cryptic “Coming Soon!” message. Now I’m not sure whether this means it will be launching in the next 30 minutes or the next three days (I’ve emailed founder Andrey Ternovskiy for an exact ETA), but rest assured, you’ll hear about it here first.

Tweet: TechCrunch’s own Roi Carthy