Buy Used Video Games? Then THQ Hates Your Guts.

THQ wins today’s “Well That’s A Stupid Thing To Say” award. The company, which is right about to publish WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, has adopted the increasingly common practice of only making available DLC to people who purchase the game new. That is, not buying a used copy.

EA started the trend, caught some flack, then people sorta stopped caring.

Internet rage only lasts but for so long (which I’m sure big companies like EA, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. fully recognize).

Anyhow, this is what THQ told CVG:

I don’t think we really care whether used game buyers are upset because new game buyers get everything. We hope people understand that when the game’s bought used we get cheated. I don’t think anyone wants that so in order for us to make strong, high-quality WWE games we need loyal fans that are interested in purchasing the game. We want to award those fans with additional content.

Never mind the fact that THQ hasn’t made a “high-quality WWE game” since 2000’s WWF No Mercy (developed by AKI), that’s not the issue here.

The issue is THQ treating its customers like utter trash.

Well, I guess THQ doesn’t really consider you one of their customers if you buy one of their games used.

Just a poor attitude to take, really.

You want to make DLC exclusive only available to new game buyers, fine, whatever. There’s enough problems in the world that nobody’s going to care about that for too long. But to basically tell your customers, “Hey, take a hike,” well, it all seems a bit harsh.