Still Surging, Tumblr Rockets Past A Billion Posts

Last month, we gave an update on the state of Tumblr that included some pretty impressive stats: over 6 million users, 1.5 billion pageviews a month, and 4.5 million new posts a day. Throw those all out the window.

The blogging/microblogging/ social/whateveryouwanttocallit network has just crossed 1 billion total posts today. You can tell by looking at the number after the “/post/” area in each Tumblr blog URL. Sometime a couple hours ago, it passed 1 billion — and the broken counter on the Tumblr About page confirms this (it was only set to got up to 999,999,999).

Aside from the massive billion number, Tumblr now stands at 7.2 million users. Those users are now generating over 5.2 million posts a day. Their Quantcast data now has them at 1.7 billion pageviews a month.

Yes, the network is still surging.

[thanks Andrew]