Chart Your Growth With YC-Backed

YCombinator-funded database analytics company launches today, giving businesses access to enterprise level analytics tools that they need to rock their databases in realtime.

In the same space as Metricly and Stats Mix, a tool like would have been unnecessary 10 or so years ago, but now co-founder Dan Levine says, “It’s easier than ever to have a database” so everyone and their mother seems to also need interpret one.

Levine, who used to work as a Research Analyst for TechCrunch, got the idea for while managing our very own Crunchbase. Currently most companies view and analyze data in a pretty clunky way, by exporting their database into a file and then looking at it in Excel, which aside from being an unwieldy pain, is also bereft of the benefits of realtime and automation.

While there are plenty of solutions for database analytics, they’re costly and not as easy as, which works by pulling data out of your database with your permission, loading it onto a web dashboard from which you can create charts from multiple data streams. Because it’s web based you can have a group of people view the results through a permalink instead of emailing an Excel file.

While chart software is not the most exciting or original product, the market for inexpensive B2B database analytics is currently in the tens of thousands, including plenty of younger companies like Eventbrite, Airbnb and HireHive who all need data insight.

In terms of future plans, Co-founders Levine and Dave Fowler plan on building better visualizations with more charts connected to more data sources. They also hope to expand into data interpretation and intelligence services.

Currently in private beta, you can apply for an invite to here.