Accidental News Explorer – a new app for news surfing, old style

Here’s an interesting new iPhone app. The Accidental News Explorer, just released, is a new iPhone based news reader which adds serendipity to the news reading experience [iTunes link].

You start by searching for a subject you want to know about and then browse the suggested articles taken from hundreds of news sources. Tap on the “related topics” button and you are presented with connected topics, which in turn lead to more articles and of course more browsing.

It reminds me of the offline experience of reading a newspaper, and in fact could well be the kind of app that a newspaper could use to crawl its own database. It seems to me that it’s this kind of serendipity which is sorely lacking from most newspaper iPhone apps.

The app was created by Brendan Dawes, Creative Director for magneticNorth, a digital design company based in Manchester, UK.

From Obama to Efron – sneak peek of The Accidental News Explorer iPhone app from Brendan Dawes on Vimeo.