Pocketbook Pro: The E-Readers Are Coming (To IFA)

Knowing nothing else, I’d say that this year’s IFA show in Germany (think CES, but European) will be all about tablets and e-readers. All the tablets I’ve seen thus far have been sorta “meh,” but I’m reasonably bullish on e-readers, if only because I actually find them useful. Will I see these new Pocketbook e-readers on the show floor? Looks like.

There’s four models: the Pocketbook Pro 602 and 902, and the Pocketbook Pro 603 and 903. That one up there is the Pro 902.

All four will come with the usual features—Wi-Fi, 3G modem, snf a decent bit of built-in storage (2GB)—but they’ll all also have a touchscreen interface (sorta like that Sony Reader that’s moving about the ol’ rumor mill right now).

The only difference between the models will be screen size: 6 inches and 9.7 inches.

There will also be a tablet, the Pocketbook IQ, that will run on Android 2.0.