Meet The Bicycle That Fits In A Briefcase

When you say “foldable bicycle”, the first thing that comes to mind are those ugly little things with small tires, intended for the vacationer set. Turns out that there are other designs as well, bicycles that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to ride in public, but will still fold up small enough to fit into a briefcase.

These two bicycles were designed by a company named Kinfolk, with the paint done by Coat. There are two models, the International looking like a racing bike, and the City which is inspired by the rides of the Japanese businessman. Both bikes started out as art concepts, but are available for sale. Expect to pay a premium though, because each bike is handcrafted in Osaka by a 71-year old master frame builder. As such, there are a limited amount of them available. The International (pictured above) will cost a cool $3,815.66. The City bike, being smaller (and pictured to the right) will only cost $1,954.55. Both bikes are only available from the Wallpaper bicycle company, and you’ll need to email them in order to buy.

[via Cnet]