As Google Shutters On2's Encoding Service Flix Cloud, Zencoder Gets A Boost

When Google acquired video compression technology company On2 for $106 million last year, the search giant also got encoding SaaS Flix Cloud as part of the deal. Now it looks like Google is shuttering Flix Cloud in November (and will stop accepting new customers as of tomorrow), and encouraging users to move to newly launching encoding startup Zencoder, which we previously wrote about here.

Zencoder’s founders actually originally developed the cloud encoding technology behind Flix Cloud, that was used by video compression startup On2 technologies. Flix Cloud combined Zencoder’s cloud encoding software with On2′s Flix Engine encoder, putting Flix Engine in the cloud. The founders launched Zencoder earlier this year as new version of Flix Cloud that promised improvements in speed, quality, reliability, and ease of use.

Here’s what Google wrote on the Flix Cloud home page:

We’ve made arrangements with Zencoder, our Flix Cloud partner, to help Flix Cloud customers move to the Zencoder cloud encoding service if they so choose. The Zencoder team has created a very impressive service that offers many improvements over Flix Cloud, including two-pass H.264 encoding, faster queues, audio-only encoding, and support for the new open WebM video format. For more information, see the Zencoder Flix Cloud transition page or log in to your dashboard.

As we wrote in out initial review of Y Combinator-backed Zencoder, the startup wants to be the Amazon Web Services for encoding. Zencoder differs from competitors like in that it charges clients per minute of video encoded vs per gigabyte. The startup also claims to handle 95% of the unusual or corrupt files that other services can’t tackle and includes the ability to autorotate iPhone videos shot in landscape mode and enhanced developer tools, including a code generator for API calls.

Zencoder is offering tips and information on transitioning to its service here.

And you can see a list of other services and products Google has shut down here.