Teevox Turns Your iPhone Into A Computer TV Remote Control


Founded by former MIT students Jong-Moon Kim and Andrew Sugaya, YCombinator-funded Teevox is an iPhone app that allows you to remotely control watching Hulu and Netflix on your computer.

While apps like PlayOn let you watch Netflix and Hulu on your phone and Apple’s own Remote allows you to phone control movies on iTunes, what’s novel about Teevox is its simple interface and the fact that Hulu and Netflix are just the beginning. According to Jong-Moon Kim, the possibilities for adding features are limitless.

“While there are hundreds, if not thousands of iPhone remote apps. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice they all require proprietary hardware (Apple TV, Boxee) or separate software you need to download and install.”

With Teevox, I downloaded the free app on my iPhone, typed the code in and was fully connected (In terms of user experience the Teevox website is rad). Implementation of both Twitter and Facebook Connect means that anyone with an iPhone and an account can start using the remote immediately.

The app integrates Twitter and Facebook even further. You and your friends can simultaneously watch shows and send messages about them. Anyone who’s ever been in a long distance relationship will especially understand the utility of this feature for “movie date night.”

Moon-Kim (who goes by “Jiggity”) emphasizes that the watching TV on your iPhone thing is the first of many things that the Teevox-backend technology can do. The ability to communicate with websites without having to download any additional software or hardware bodes well for slideshow viewing on websites like Flickr or Facebook.

Teevox plans on expanding to the iPad and to other platforms that can’t be currently disclosed. The iTunes store, which already has its Remote service, is something that the founders are definitely looking at in terms of support.

Moon-Kim says we should expect more Teevox-related announcements in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime you can try it out here.