New Facebook Places Logo Is A "4." In A Square. Yeah.

On the left is the logo for Facebook’s newly launched geolocational product Facebook Places, on the right is the logo for the current leader in the space Foursquare. Notice anything interesting?

So Facebook, between the hoodie, the gong and this I’m starting to think you guys are just baiting me. And while I do not think this was intentional, I’m once again way too sober to opine. I’ll let our resident MobileGear humorist Greg Kumparak take it from here:

“Bahaha. It’s a 4. In a square. And on that night, tongue and cheek were reunited.”

H/T: Tim Shey

Update: And because Foursquare shouldn’t have all the fun, here’s Sean Percival’s Gowalla-inspired homage …

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