Verizon To Update FiOS Set-Top Boxes With New UI, Storage Space

If you’re bewildered by all the fancy-pants streamers and IPTV units out there, and have decided to just chill with your original flavor FiOS set-top box, get ready for a few nice little upgrades. Verizon is rolling out some features this winter and you’re going to like ’em.

First, you’re finally getting a big-boy 16:9 channel guide. That’s enough to crow about right there. But you’re also getting external eSATA storage support up to a terabyte, DVR recording auto-chaptering, and an undo for when you accidentally delete the wrong episode. The multi-room stream display has also been updated to be easier to browse.

It actually looks like a really solid way to watch and stream TV and video; these interfaces are getting better and better. Almost makes me want to buy a TV!

Update: Oh boy, they’re also putting out an iPad app.