"I Want To Make This Toy"

We at CrunchGear are patient and kind. And we love kids. That’s why when Jake Woolf sent us an email requesting us to make a toy that makes fake electricity bolts move, we had to design at least a mock-up for him. Here is his email, verbatim and this is what we thought he might like. Thoughts, Jake? Can anyone build this for Jake so he can see it in action?

my name is jake woolf and i’m 10 years old and i want to make this toy

you guys should make a toy so kids can think they can do magic
i was thinking you should make a toy that is a see throw ball and you push a button on it and fake electricity inside the see throw ball and then it looks like you have pawers. but if you cant make that work then put 4 or 5 fake electricity bolts in it then they can glow and it can look like the fake electricity bolts move.