iPad, iPhone Manufacturer Foxconn To Hire 400,000 Extra China Workers

Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronic components manufacturer that makes products like certain Dell computers and Apple‘s iPad and iPhone devices, was – as widely reported – hit by a string of suicides among its workers earlier this year.

Apparently, this hasn’t had much effect on their growth rate (surprise): according to Bloomberg, the company plans to hire as many as 400,000 workers in China in the next twelve months.

Bloomberg reports that the Taiwanese company aims to boost its China workforce to 1.2 million to 1.3 million people. Revenue jumped as much as 50 percent in the first half of this year, a company official told them in an interview.

Furthermore, Foxconn will build factories closer to employees’ homes, thus declining the headcount in Shenzhen by about 170,000 workers over five years as production moves inland. The Shenzhen facilities will reportedly focus more on R&D, product testing and new-energy technologies.

Earlier today, the Financial Times reported that Foxconn is holding a massive rally for its now 800,000 workers to boost morale, all across China.