Google Exec Fails Twifficiency Exam And The Fine Print Exam (Like Everyone Else)

Dear Internet, please stop clicking on the damn Twifficiency link. In case you’re unaware by now given the 4,000 tweets in your tweet stream, it’s not the coolest app ever, it just automatically tweets out your results.

Yes, it alerts you that it will do this with some tiny red text at the bottom of the page, but clearly no one is reading this. According to Twitter Search, a new sucker is born almost every second.

The most humorous example is Google executive Marissa Mayer who a few minutes ago¬†tweeted out her total failure of the exam to her 35,000 followers. “My Twifficiency score is 0%. What’s yours?,” Mayer tweeted. Something tells me she wouldn’t have tweeted the absolute failure on purpose.

What is Twifficiency? It’s a score based on how many people you follow, how many people follow you, and how often you tweet. In other words, it’s yet another meaningless metric that is attempting to trick you into thinking you’re using Twitter wrong if you don’t have a good score. Mayer is actually on Twitter and uses it somewhat regularly, which is more than you can say about most high-profile executives. And yet, she got a 0 percent on the exam. Why? Who cares.

Update: Mayer quickly followed up with a tweet:

Lesson learned! RT @adamrofer¬†my twifficiency is “I don’t trust them to tweet on my behalf”