Thermaltake's Mobile Fan 12 Is An External Internal Computer Fan

It’s approaching surface-of-the-sun temperatures here in Seattle, and no one in this city owns a decent fan, because… why? Luckily, my job involves me sitting very still in front of a computer while my cool-looking while my single totally inadequate retro chrome fan does a poor job of cooling my apartment.

Enter Thermaltake, maker of quality computer cooling goods. They’ve enclosed one of their standard case fans in a standalone wire frame, so now both your CPU and your palms will have dedicated cooling systems. It sounds silly, but I love it. It’s USB powered, and has a dial so you can put its speed at anything from 850 to 1500 RPM. It can get pretty loud, apparently, so I suspect they’ve got a silent one upcoming.

At only $25 (less than $15 street), I think it’s a steal.

[via ExtremeTech]