New Bose Headphones Are Made For Mobiles

No, that picture is not Kratos’ new weapon in God of War 3, though you could be forgiven for thinking so. It’s Bose’s new pair of in-ear headphones, which incorporate an inline mic and volume control and have little hooks that keep the units in your ears. I feel like they’re making some assumptions there about the size and shape of consumers’ ears in general, but I’d have to test them out to be sure.

Note to PR people: when your product goes in someone’s ears, try not to make it look like a weapon. The reflections aren’t helping.

Along with the mobileness, you get the usual Bose quality (some would say “overrated but decent”) but no noise cancellation or extra tips (yet). $130 gets you the MIE2 mobile-enabled headphones, $100 the IE2 without mic and remote. There’s an Apple variant called the MIE2i that works with iPhones and such — and surprisingly does not cost more. You missed out on a few extra bucks there, Bose. You’re slipping.

[via CNET]