Google's 'App Store For The Web' Is A Mirror Image Of Apple's App Store

Google’s Chrome Web Store is launching this October, giving users the ability to purchase premium web applications (and developers an easy way to sell their wares). And, in an apparent attempt to make sure that users are as comfortable as possible with this new web-app market, Google is drawing inspiration from the best. Actually, “blatantly copying” would probably be a better choice of words — the Chrome Web Store looks nearly identical to Apple’s App Store.

The image above, which was captured by at a recent gaming conference, shows just how similar some portions of Google’s Chrome Web Store are to the iTunes App Store: colorful panels of featured apps at the top, scrolling thumbnails further down, with top ranked apps on the right side of the screen. The only major differences are the left nav-bar and garish ‘top rated’ and ‘hot games’ logos in Google’s version.

Still, blatant as this may be, it’s probably a wise choice on Google’s part. Chrome’s Web Store will only thrive if a lot of people are actually buying apps and games on it, and Google is giving people what they’re familiar with.

Update:: In Google’s defense, the profile pages for apps do look different from the App Store’s (I actually like Google’s better):