Facebook, By The Numbers

Dear Mark E. Zuckerberg Harvard ’06,

It’s me Alexia, from the future. Just wanted you to know that you’ve come a long long way from The Harvard Crimson’s seminal piece “Hundreds Register for New Facebook Website” which you probably think is a really big deal right now.

Just an FYI, in about six years or so you’ll be counting your accomplishments in the millions and billions, just as long as you listen to whatever Sean Parker says. Trust me, there’s going to be a Hollywood movie where you’re played by a hipster actor and everything.

In case you get discouraged on your way over here, the kind folks at www.website-monitoring.com have made this impressive infographic which you should probably print out and fold into your wallet. And just a heads up, it might be a good idea to put a kibosh on the hoodie.