6rounds Changes Name To Rounds, Brings Its Video Chat Goodness To Facebook

It’s over a year ago when we covered the launch of 6rounds, a consumer-facing video chat platform with a couple of interesting twists that made it a lot of fun to use.

Henceforth, the startup and service will be called Rounds – they’re now leasing the domain name rounds.com, which is far more memorable.

The company is today also debuting a cool video chat application on the Facebook platform that I’m pretty sure will be appreciated by many.

The app, which is called Video Chat Rounds, lets you interact with Facebook users over video, not only to chat but also to play games, enhance conversations with effects in real-time, share Flickr photos, watch YouTube videos, exchange virtual gifts and much more.

Essentially, it’s video chat on steroids.

For now, effects and gifts that users can pull from the interactive menus inside the application interface are free of charge – you can simply earn ‘coins’ by being active in various ways – but in time Rounds will start charging for a subset of them.

The startup also hopes to generate revenue from letting advertisers plug branded experiences (check the Heineken-sponsored Truth Or Dare game to see how that would work).

Rounds is also keen on letting third-party developers build stuff around the platform, both the regular Web app and the Facebook Platform application.

Check it out and tell us what you think.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Rounds was founded back in 2008 and has to date raised $2 million in venture capital funding from investment groups Rhodium and Startup Factory.