Andrés Talavera

17 year old French high school student develops TechCrunch app for WP7 competition

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Entrepreneurship is getting younger – even in France ! I just learned that a 17-year-old French high school student, Andrés Talavera, is developing a TechCrunch mobile app for the Windows Phone 7 competition hosted by Microsoft France.

Andrés is going into his final year of high school in Strasbourg, France, where he’s currently specializing in information systems. Apparently, he’s been passionnate about everything Microsoft since the age of 14. As a Microsoft Student Partner since October 2009, he’s also been in the process of puting together his own startup, Crésus. The website,, should go live on September 1st and the company will most likely be a service provider and distributor for various Microsoft products. Go figure.

Back in 2008, even before the idea for Crésus came about, Andrés was pitching ideas to the Microsoft team to develop personalization software for Windows Vista. He was 15 at the time.

So where did the idea for the TechCrunch app come from? Apparently from reading the TechCrunch RSS feed – and the fact that he’d just learned how to display XML content using C#. His application is currently one of the 70 that have been submitted to the competition (all apps are displayed on the event Fan Page). Steve Ballmer will be making a stop in Paris on October 7th to crown the winner, alongsite some of the hottest faces in French tech – including Jacques-Antoine Granjon of Vente-privée, Marc Simoncini of  Meetic and Jaïna Capital and Ouriel Ohayon, the former Editor of TechCrunch France.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, the development of the application is not funded or sponsored by TechCrunch. In fact, the idea is 100% that of a loyal, French TechCrunch reader. :)

  • Marius

    kids have really good ideas and this one even knows how to implement them

    • josh

      Yea, I mean, an RSS reader…that so awesome…

  • Wello

    I thought Ballmer didn’t have a heart..

  • Mike

    How is this even newsworthy?

  • don

    I feel sorry for him..the world has moved on to Droid and iPhone. Get with the program!

  • matt

    developing an app does not make a person an entrepreneur. the term “entrepreneur” gets thrown around way to carelessly these days. he’s probably a smart kid, but an entrepreneur he is not.

  • markus

    Someone should tell that kid that most web devs these days dont use M$FT products

  • Mike

    The thing that’s wrong with the French is that they don’t have a word for entrepreneur

    • lol

      Guess what !!?? … Entrepreneur is a french word …

      • you're stupid

        You’re stupid

      • Pitt

        I wanted to be the first to point this idiotic comment but comments were buggy last days… But thanks Mike, I have had a one hour non-stop laugh seeing this :)

  • Victor ( )

    Mike is just too funny. Do you think that café is also NOT a french word?

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