Startup Soccer Tournament Raises $1,200 For Charity:Water

On Sunday, a dozen startups from around Silicon Valley came together for the Startup Cup — a soccer tournament raising money for charity:water that rounded up over $1,200. Companies playing included, Slide, WePay, Scribd, Weebly, Xobni, Square, UserVoice, Revision3, and Kabam.

The matches were hard-fought, and much sweat (and some blood) was spilled as each company vied for the top prize. In the end, SocialText came out the leader, led by company cofounder Ross Mayfield. And there were no losers: everyone got free Chipotle burritos and Subway sandwiches. I’ve never seen so many burritos at once. It was beautiful.

As with any good sporting event, the tournament was not without its controversy — it didn’t take long to figure out that many of the teams in contention had brought a few ringers who didn’t actually work at their respective companies.  But nobody seemed to mind too much.

For those wondering, Team TechCrunch had a strong showing. Because the rest of the staff was back at TCHQ monitoring the day’s news we could only afford a pair of employees (myself and Alexia), but we rounded out the roster with members of the WePay squad. We won the second half of our match 1-0, but unfortunately the first half (which we considered a warmup) was lopsided in the other direction, leading to our untimely demise at the feet of Team Footbalistic in the first round of the tournament.

Hat tip to Trista Myers, currently an intern at Weebly, for putting the whole thing together.