Precise Path Robotics, Purveyor Of Hat-Wearing Lawn Mowing Robots, Raises $4.5 Million

The above video reveals exactly why Precise Path Robotics just received $4.5 million in funding. Once you’ve seen the RG3 Robotic Greens Mower, or as I like to call it “Hat-Wearing Golf Course Roomba,” in action it’s pretty hard to imagine a golf course being mowed in any other way.

Did you know there were 32,000 golf courses in the world? Neither did I, but the RG3 is the quickest and most stylish way towards significantly slashing the amount of money each and every one spends on lawn mowing. That’s two billion dollars worth of mowing annually! Serious business for the world’s first robotic mower.

But why stop at mowing? The RG3 technology, which is actually superior to a Roomba because it can travel in straight lines, can be applied to almost any outdoor grooming endeavor.

Precise Path is currently at the tail end of a C round of funding, totalling $8.2 million. Angel investors include Charlie Staples and ChaCha co-founder Scott Jones.

Says Jason Zielke, Precise Path’s President and COO. “Mowing is the first in a long list of applications we have envisioned — from spraying to snow removal to carving advertising logos in lawns.”

There is such a thing as the perfect job for a robot.

Here’s a video of two RG3s mowing together, peacefully at dawn.