Do You Want To Do Play-By-Play At The Next World Cyber Games?

The World Cyber Games~! It’s sorta like the Olympics for gamers, and the next big event takes place between September 30 and October 3 in Los Angeles. Even if you’re rubbish at the games, there’s still a chance for you to shine. The event’s organizers are running a contest to find, and I quote, “the Bob Costas of videogames.” Are you the next Bob Costas?

Contest is pretty simple. You go to the Web site, download a gameplay clip (the games in question are Tekken 6 and Counter-Strike), then add your play-by-play commentary. Then you upload your video to YouTube.

Channel your inner Joey Styles, or, actually, Bob Costas.

You have until September 1 to submit your video.

The winner gets a four-day fully paid trip to Los Angeles, and will, obviously, provide live play-by-play at the event.

Pretty neat.