Long Tweet Is Long: Bug Let You Go Way Over 140

Late last night Japanese Twitter user @sskhybrid tweeted out the following 2,135 character tweet, which was inevitably retweeted by more than 100 people. Translated it seems to be a jumbled version of his experiences using Twitter.

User @esehara has also jumped on the long tweet bandwagon, tweeting out Genesis 1 in its entirety (3,157 characters). The Twitter bug which has left many befuddled is exploiting a length limit flaw in the new t.co URL shortener, allowing users to tweet out non-URL links of outrageously more than 140 characters.

If you’d like to reproduce the effect, and it seems to be catching, you can visit http://twitter.com/share?text=&url=yourtext, add whatever you want in place of “yourtext,” copy and paste your new t.co URL to Twitter (or use the handy TweetButton) and long tweet away.

The 140 character limit is basically the definition of Twitter. It’ll be interesting to watch what, if anything, changes now that you can go way longer. In any case I’m really looking forward to Annotations.

Update: Looks like the nimble engineers at Twitter have disabled the feature within the hour this post went up, much to everyone’s dismay. Scripting News’ Dave Winer went so far as to create a web app for the Fat Tweets.