Zagat First Partner To Integrate Foodspotting Photos And Guides

Foodspotting and Zagat Survey, two major food focused brands we’ve featured here before, have today announced an iPhone app integration move that pretty much sets the pace for mobile social dining in the future (You listening Michelin?).

Zagat, who has previously hooked up with Foursquare, is the first partner to utilize Foodspotting data in their apps using the Foodspotting API. Because of the move, Zagat users will now have access to thousands of Foodspotting photos and guides. Foodspotting CEO Alexa Andrzejewski suggests that the partnership will be the first of many, hinting that the Foodspotting API will be open to the public very soon.

To celebrate the partnership, Foodspotting users will now be able to earn a “Zagat badge” (see top left) when they add food photos to the Foodspotting app from any Zagat-rated restaurant in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

From Andrzejewski:

We’re excited to have Zagat be the first partner to leverage Foodspotting data to enhance their restaurant listings. By integrating Foodspotting photos, the Zagat apps will not only be a great resource for helping people decide where to eat, but they’ll also help you decide what to eat once you’re there.”

Zagat Mobile Lead Ryan Charles told TechCrunch that the integration leaves room for many co-branded opportunities, “Looking down the road, we plan to add special offers including promotional access to our website for Foodspotting users who complete the badge related tasks.”

The full Zagat/Foodspotting integration will be available on future versions of both mobile applications.

The two parties did not disclose the terms of the deal.