My fellow Europeans: We want to hear your voices. Write for us.

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TechCrunch Europe is an interesting gig. There are 27 members of the “European Union”, 48 geographical European countries and territories, and 51 participating countries in the Eurovision Song Contest (surely, the ultimate gold standard of a chaotic definition of Europe). But we love them all. You guys rock. We have hundreds of languages, no unified single market and centuries of war and conflict behind us. But luckily, tech is here to the rescue. Whether you are working on a Twitter client in Romania (hello Seesmic guys!) or a teenager in a bedroom in the tiny country of San Marino dreaming of building your own Foursquare, we are all united by our fascination with technology. Which is why we want to reflect you.

So we’d like your guest posts for TechCrunch Europe, written by people on the tech scene in Europe.

We won’t be running ‘trade-off’ style material as in ‘this is a thinly-veiled advert for my company hidden in what looks like a real article’. The post needs to have internal merit. Ideally we’re looking for hard core contributions to the tech and startup scene in Europe by entrepreneurs and investors. We’re particular interested in problems that need to be solved, trends, criticisms, commentary and, hell, even something funny.

We want posts by people who have something cool to say about startups here and in the wider European tech scene. It’s not much more complicated than that. I’m looking for posts which are well written, thought provoking or informative. Preferably all three. The posts will appear exclusively here on TechCrunch Europe (under “Guest Author”) and the writers will get picture bylines, a short bio (please make sure you are added as a Person on Crunchbase and a link back to their site.

Pitch us the idea for a post in one paragraph, and send to my Contributing Editor Steve O’Hear (steve[AT] [Please note: Your pitch/idea – and even the final article – may be refused and we won’t enter into long discussions about it. But don’t take it personally. Any copy will be sub-edited. Submissions need to be in English, in raw HTML, with relevant links and links to non-copyright pictures].

As a reminder, here’s a list of European countries (it’s a broad definition, and not just EU members) we’d like to hear from. Even if you are sitting in a so-called “forgotten” part of Europe in terms of tech, we’d still like to hear from you. Email us your article ideas.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
San Marino
United Kingdom

  • lulwut

    Spam, spam everywhere!
    Welcome to Romania!

    • Dan


    • pleisahs

      Actually, in Russia, people don’t use iPhone, rather, iPhone uses them!

  • David

    “If you are sitting in a “forgotten” part of Europe in terms of tech, here’s our answer: we don’t care”

    This sounds a lot like you’re not interested in articles from tech-averse European locations. Especially people who speak English as a second language may interpret it wrong.

    Better rephrase it. “even if you are sitting in a “forgotten” part of Europe in terms of tech, we’d still like to hear from you.”

    • Mike Butcher

      fair comment, thanks

  • lulwut

    Also, HAWX was made in Romania.

  • Anon

    How much do you pay?

    • Mike Butcher

      It’s an opportunity to write a guest post and in doing so show off your knowledge and get some profile on TechCrunch, not a job :-)

      • Greg

        Most importantly, how many vacation days do I get?
        Benefits? Overtime pay? Christmas bonus? Unemployment insurance? Severance? Sick days? What can YOU do for me as my employer?

  • Gossy Uk

    am putting something down. great opportunity

  • Ondrej Prostrednik

    Great idea, I am in! What is the deadline?

  • Gehan

    What about Asian techies (and I mean those of us not covered by TechCrunch Japan)? We too demand representation in the TechCrunch universe.

  • eytan

    There’s this country called Israel.
    I think it’s missing on your list.

    (We do compete in the Eurovision Song Contest after all, and even in the UEFA stuff)

    • Adam


    • Marcus

      Come on, Israel is not Europe. Israel is playing in football in Europe because of political situation. If Israel is Europe, then why not whole middle-east? Europe doesn’t even accept Turkey as Europe…

      • Adam

        Cyprus is part of the EU.

      • Andy

        Republic of Cyprus is part of the EU, the Turkish controlled part of the island is not part of the EU.

      • someone

        That was a stupid thing to say. European Union and Europe are very different concepts. EU does not accept Turkey into the union and it is also partly not true, because they already started the negotiations in 2005 to become a full member, Turkey will get billions of euros in 2011 for pre-accession, but the thing is nobody knows how long it will take to be a full member, that’s the problem. Many countries politically strongly support Turkey, like U.K., Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Two of the big members don’t want it, Germany and France and I need to make it clear that Germany was one of ours biggest supporters, until the last government. The last German government is very conservative. The only persistent problem is France. And I should also mind you that if Turkey accept privileged membership, France and Germany is ready to accept Turkey as a member, they repeatedly say that. Turkey does not want it, because it is not a full membership. It blocks free movement of people, which is racist.

        And the second thing, Turkey is in Europe, whether you like it or not. Geographically a small part in it, but Turks were in European politics for hundreds of years, and ruled most of the Eastern Europe. Turkey is a member of the most of the EU organizations, and she is also a founding member of some of them, like OECD. IT is also in NATO, and owns the second largest Army etc.

        If you think it is because of the culture, I invite you to visit Turkey. Yes, Turkey is not culturally European, but she is also not asian. It is very unique.

        Turkey is the 7th most visited country in the World, and Istanbul is the 3rd in the Europe. So, come and see yourself. There is a strong eastern culture, but there is also a strong European culture. Some of the things you will see only exist in few cities, like New York, Paris, London. That’s why people keep coming back.

      • Alex

        The only part of Turkey that can be considered “European” is what you’ve taken away from Greece. Istanbul is NOT a Turkish city – heck, its real name is Kwnstantinoupoli.

        And yes, you won’t get in the EU for as long as you have half of my homeland occupied.

    • Nuke

      After winning all these TechCrunch/Disrupt awards over the last few years Israel is shunned? shame shame.

    • Emmanuel


      I mean come on, there is Kazakhstan on the list and not Israel ?

  • Ari Bencuya

    Few Questions

    Is there a submission deadline?
    Will there be more than one poster from any given country?

  • PaulJoslin


  • Dennis Michael Gannon

    I would be delighted.

  • Karl Wångstedt

    It’s great to see that Sweden (the smack down middle guy of EU in terms of both territorial size and population) is listed as well as the language Swedish. :)

    Or maybe you meant Swedish from Finland?

    Great initiative though.

  • Corpus Christi

    Is it paid or you want someone to write articles for you for free?

  • Xen Buijs

    Hi! Great opportunity guys!
    This is Holland speaking, the center of the techworlds ;)

    • oem software legal


  • Adam

    Could your tone of voice be any more patronising?

  • Hobbes

    Funny: Azerbaijan is not part of Europe on a German list of European states:
    but it is on the english list:

    Dear Azerbaijanians (?), please feel free to consider yourself as europeans even though the listing in german doesn`t assume you to be.

    In case any Aserbaijanian (?) reads this: Do you consider yourself beeing European or Asian or both?

    Have a good one!

    • elvirs

      its funny how Armenia and Azerbaijan are mentioned in the list while Georgia is not. President of Georgia always keeps EU flag next to national flag behind him in his office sending message to europe but it appears that even techcrunch did not buy his crap :)
      as for Azerbaijan, they would love to consider themselves europeans but i do not think the qualify, and they do not think so either. They do put a lot of effort to catch up with european standards though. Actually i think words like eurostandard, euroremont(when u decorate your house according to european designs) and other euro words are more popular there than in europe itself :) do not know about Germans but Azerbaijan is officially represented in European Parliament or European Comission not sure in which one exactly.

  • Virvo

    Sounds like something many would be intersted in… might be better if you threw us a few bones though (article topics).

  • Joao

    Well Portugal is in. Plenty of Portuguese read you blog.

  • WulfCry

    I’m a commenter not a writer but I’ll think about it given it a try who knows I might show some hidden potential and serve the public.

  • Gogo

    interesting offer I’ll write about it on my blog… Techcrunch is very popular in Croatia too.

  • Loic

    Hello Mike :-)

  • John Ford Parker

    Why should you accept writing for TC Europe as you always erase our comments ?

  • Andrew Crump

    Time vs opportunity! Will send you guys something over when I have a free hour.

  • vibe web design

    Is it paid or you want someone to write articles for you for free?

    • Miodrag Jokić

      Nice one Mike :)

  • durden

    This feels patronising and wrong.

    And this seems the message behind it:
    “For you poor forgotten little europeans we would just post a few articles that we get for free…. who cares anyway it’s just europe.”

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