Bag Week Reviews: Astro Scout Gaming Backpack

Short Version: This is a gaming backpack. Do you need a gaming backpack? Well, do you often move your Xbox or Playstation? If so, you need this gaming backpack. Trust me.


  • Compartments designed specifically for gaming systems
  • Detachable interior pouch
  • 3.5mm headphone zipper pull
  • $80 MSRP
  • Product page


  • The perfect bag for transporting game consoles with room for all the accessories
  • Surprisingly comfortable when loaded
  • Plenty of padding to protect your baby


  • Internal pockets designed for game systems, not notebooks


I understand LAN parties — I still go to LAN parties — and so this bag makes perfect sense to me. I’ve never seen a bag that can hold a game console and all the accessories so well. Seriously, throw that old duffel bag in the closet and pick up this backpack if you frequently move your game system.

The bag’s best feature is the large pocket for the game system. The whole bag opens up, reveal this large, fleece-lined pocket. The entire thing is made out of thick padding and there’s a large strap on top to keep it closed tightly. It holds an Xbox 360 or full-size PS3 perfectly fine and might be more securer in there than the retail packaging.

The other main section has pockets for controllers, headphones and games. The bag isn’t huge, but it’s just about the right size for the game system, a couple of controllers, headphones, and some games. But don’t expect to cram extra clothes, some food or anything else in there with your gaming gear. There is one water bottle pocket on the side so you’ll be able at least bring an Monster with you, but that’s about it. This bag is for a game system and that’s it.

There really isn’t any downsides to the bag besides that it’s really a single-purpose backpack. Sure, it could hold a laptop in a pinch, but the main pocket is simply too big to hold it securely. But at $80, it’s really not that expensive considering how much game console security it provides. I can’t imagine moving a system without this bag now. Everything else might as well be a grocery sack.

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