Will John Carmack Show Doom 4 At QuakeCon Today?

The less said about Doom 3, the better.

What does John Carmack have up his sleeve? We’ll find out in just a few hours as QuakeCon 2010 kicks off. The great, great man tweeted a few hours ago that he will show something “neat and unannounced” at the show. Speculate!

Possibilities include Doom 4 and… actually, that’s the only possibility I’ve seen mentioned online.

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I’m showing something neat and unannounced at quakecon tomorrow. Deciding if I should leave it be or sneak a little more code in…less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Unless it’s something entirely new, or something related to the iPhone. It’s well-documented that Carmack is a fan of the iPhone as a gaming platform.

The beauty of a Doom 4 announcement is that pretty much anything id delivers will almost by definition be better than Doom 3, a fairly disappointing game that wasn’t helped by the fact that Half-Life 2 was right around the corner when it came out.

I could bump into Lady Gaga in the street and would have no idea who she is (people around me would be freaking out saying “oh my god it’s Lady Gaga” and I’d get the hint). Meanwhile, if I bumped into Carmack at a Starbucks or whatever I’d flip out.