And Of Course, Here's The Twitter Movie Trailer

First there was the Facebook movie trailer. Then, there was the YouTube movie trailer. Obviously, it was only a matter of time before we got the Twitter movie trailer. And now here it is.

And it’s good.

As you might expect, the Twitter movie trailer created by Next New Network’s Barely Digital group, explores the founding of everyones’ favorite 140-character social network. It opens with tweets such as “My hair is sad today”, “My computer is being a fart butt right now” and “Just left my wife and kids. W00T!” Then we get into the backstory. “I need to create a way to blog that is as random and incoherent as writing on a bathroom wall.”

Other choice lines:

  • “The Fail Whale is showing up! — No, what is the Fail Whale? Why do you always go limp when we have fights.”
  • “If you put a ‘tw’ in front of any word it makes it infinitely cooler. Check this out: hey, can I get a twhiskey?”
  • “If Twitter is as useless and as boring as they say it is, then somebody would have tweeted it.”

Watch it below: