The Windows Phone 7-powered HTC Mozart composes its way into some spy shots

Judging by all of the Windows Phone 7 handsets we’ve seen floating around lately, it seems like manufacturers are putting a pretty decent amount of effort behind the platform. What they’re not putting any effort behind, it seems, is keeping these handsets secret. Another day, another Windows Phone 7 handset caught in the wild. This time, it’s the HTC Mozart.

Look familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not crazy. A seemingly identical phone had leaked out previously as the HTC Shubert. It’s not clear whether this thing just has multiple secret identities (Seems likely), or if we’re looking at a slightly-modified variant (The Shubert is expected to hit T-Mobile; could the Mozart be for another carrier? Seems less likely, at this point) — either way, everyone seems to be sticking to their guns on what to call it.

Leaked by Twitter user Xmoo (who’s bio reads simply “I Know 2 much! :)”), the shots show the Mozart from all the important angles. Check out that multi-piece back cover! I’m not sure why you’d need to pop off that top part.. unless that top bit is where the SIM or microSD slot live to avoid having to pull the battery each time they’re swapped, in which case someone on HTC’s design team deserves a high five.